Software engineer

Multimedia/3D, Web/eCommerce, Applications/drivers




January 2009-Today - IT Director - eCommerce - (Echirolles-fr)

  • Management of IT team.
  • Management of resource allocation.
  • Study and design of new projects.
  • Website optimization (caching, PHP/MySQL, +1M visitors/day), security.
  • International development ( Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, UK).

March 2006-December 2008 - Software engineer in eCommerce - (Echirolles-fr)

  • Development of shoe website
  • Optimization of conversion rate (sales/visits).
  • Client path analysis, customer relationship management (CRM).
  • Return on investment (ROI) optimization.
  • Development of search engine, back-office, statistic modules.

March 2004-Fabuary 2006 - Software engineer in multimedia, 3D, networks, web - Artesia interactive (Grenoble-fr)

  • Development of 3D dynamic engine for the web (Shockwave3D, PHP, MySQL).
  • Realization of dynamic web sites (PHP, Oracle, MySQL).
  • Administration of Linux and BSD servers (web, ftp, security, Apache).
  • Development of internet games-For french TV channel-TF1 (Video streaming, flash).

Oct. 2002-Oct. 2003 - Software engineer in applications and system drivers on Apple Systems - AdnX (Villeurbanne-fr)

  • Management of a three person team, network application conception (UML).
  • Realization of drivers (C++, IOKit, BSD network layer, usb modem, firewire sound card).
  • Creation of low level network programmes (TCP, UDP, IP, C, multithread programmation).

Apr.-Sept. 2002 - Developer (training program)- Artesia Interactive (Grenoble-fr)

  • Realization of 3D engine for a virtual tour and video games (C/C++, OpenGL).
  • Realization of collision engine (C++).

Personal products:

  • Tic-tac-toe game in 3D “Puissance3Dj” (Swing, Java3D, multiplateform).
  • Tic-tac-toe game 3D “Puissance3D” ( IA, ObjectiveC, OpenGL, Cocoa).
  • Television card driver for MacOS X (C/C++, IOKit, ObjectiveC, Cocoa).


  • Assessment and Research Engineer in Computer Science and Robotics (IMERIR, Perpignan - 1999-2002 - fr).
  • Master In Mathematics and Computer Science applied for Sciences (MIAS - UFR Grenoble 1 - 1997-1999 - fr).
  • BAC / Science, Major in Physical Sciences (1997).

Specific skills

  • Foreign langages:Native French, conversational and technical English, adequate Spanish, Serbian and Croatian, basic Polish.
  • Languages/Applications:C, C++, Java, PHP, MySQL, xHTML, CSS, Oracle, shell, javascript, apache, Flash/actionscript, Apache, Linux administration, Python, ObjectiveC, RealBasic.
  • Librairies: AJAX, J2SE, Swing, J2ME, OpenGL, Java3D, Shockwave3D, Director, IOKit, Cocoa.
  • Systems: Linux, BSD, MacOS, Windows.

Complementary information

  • Single, 30 years old (04/11/1979)
  • Interests:
    Skiing, snowboard, hiking: supervision of groups.
    Sailing: cruises in the Mediterranean sea.
    Travel : passion for balcans countries and culture.